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We’re a digital marketing agency serving small to mid-sized e-commerce brands. Drawing on decades of experience in marketing and advertising, we build data-driven campaigns that maximize ROI and accelerate growth for our partners.

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Our Story: Bringing Big Advertising to Small Businesses

We built Amics Consulting Group to bring high-level advertising to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Our founder, Daneury Silverio—a marketer who’d worked with The New York Times, Business Insider, and TikTok—realized that if e-commerce SMBs took advantage of the marketing strategies used by big brands, they could grow at a much faster rate.

Today, Amics Consulting Group is proud to report that we’ve never lost a partner: everyone who started out working with us, from the early days of our company to today, has stayed on. We like to think it’s our winning personalities and cool vibes, but our partners tell us it’s because our process is simple and transparent and our campaigns get results. We won’t argue with that.

Our Values

We don’t see you as a client—we see you as a partner. After all, our goal is the same as yours: to get your business as much exposure and success as possible, and then some.

We Believe in Getting You Results

You want to see your business grow. So do we. We measure results and only use strategies calculated to deliver 200% ROI. Of course, we can’t see the future, but do we use predictive analysis and proven marketing techniques to create campaigns aimed at getting you results.

We Believe in Making Your Life Easier

Your job is to deliver great products and services to the arms of your waiting customers. We handle the entire end-to-end marketing process so you can focus on running your business, and we keep you in the loop with regular communication and clear, easy-to-read reports.

We Believe in Taking Your Brand to New Heights

While we may use proven, time-honored marketing tactics, we don’t just copy what’s been done before. With a focus on strengthening your brand and building a dedicated consumer base, we ideate and execute bold, creative new campaigns designed to get your business the attention it deserves.

Our Team

Daneury Silverio

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Founder

Daneury is a strategic, results-oriented marketer with 13+ years of digital advertising management experience at some of today’s most widely recognized brands. Having worked for news outlets, social media platforms, and record labels, he’s passionate about promoting exciting new sounds and ideas. As CEO of Amics Consulting Group, he channels that passion—along with his in-depth understanding of industry trends, new technologies, and ever-changing platforms—into driving highly successful marketing campaigns for e-commerce SMBs.

Steve Arias

Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sales & Partnerships

Steve is an innovative, partner-focused marketer and sales executive with 10+ years in consulting and brand-building for fast-growing businesses. As Senior Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, he’s dedicated to helping e-commerce SMBs execute strategic advertising campaigns and creative marketing solutions that will continue to generate growth for years to come.

Watch your business soar with cross-channel, performance-driven marketing.

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